CVs and Cover Letters

Is there such a thing as the perfect C.V.? Probably not, but there are bad C.Vs, and there are different C.Vs. Here are some tips on putting together a good C.V.

There is a good section on writing C.Vs at the Milkround Online, as well as the Prospects site, and the University of Kent has a good section on this.
If you are serious about your C.V., then go and talk to the CAREERS CENTRE!

This particular example, given here in full, would be appropriate for an undergraduate of any year. Note however, that it is very educationally based; there is a lot of course detail and information.

This is in a Table format; of course you would not show the grid lines, but it is a great way of keeping things lined up! You may use the CV template if you wish which is in a more commercially relevant format.

CV EXAMPLE and just the CV Template

This Cover Letter example would be suitable for any speculative enquiry as to the possibility of a placement. Keep it brief and to the point!