Health, Mental Health and Disability Information

Health, Mental Health and Disability Information

Why do we need to know this information?

The Faculty of Biological Sciences wishes to ensure you are well supported and safe whilst on placement, so we ask everyone to let us know of any health, mental health or disability related issues that might have an impact on your time on placement. It is important that you discuss with us the placements you wish to apply for, by doing so we can offer you advice on the suitability of the placement before you submit an application.

The points below give you an idea of what you should be thinking about.

What about the social/residential aspects of your time during placement?

How do you think living in a different town/country will impact on your disability or health condition?

  • Without your usual support network of friends and family?
  • Will there be easy access to transport as there is in Leeds?
  • What about any medication you take? The NHS usually only issues a 3 month
    supply at a time. Will you be able to get your medication where you are going?
  • A different culture?
  • A different language?

If your placement is abroad have you ensured that you have purchased appropriate health insurance that will cover you for any pre-existing medical conditions?

All of the information you give us will be shared only with the Placements Tutor and Administrators in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Where necessary the information may be shared with the University Disabled Students Assessment & Support (DSAS) team.

Things you need to do

When you have very specific support needs because of your disability or health condition, such as accessible accommodation and personal assistance support, it is your responsibility to let us know so that we can advise on the suitability of any placement and that you are aware of any challenges you may encounter.

Who should you talk to?

Speak to the placement tutor and placement officer

Dr Al Pickles, Placement Tutor  

David Forrest, Placement Officer 

Additional advice is available from the following:

Disabled Students Assessment and Support (DSAS)

If you currently receive support through the Disability Team in DSAS, please speak to your Disability Coordinator about your plans to undertake a placement, so that we can discuss how you can get support.

The Mental Health Team can also be contacted through DSAS. There are regular Mental Health drop-in sessions in DSAS, from 11.00-12.00 daily. They also run a drop-in session at the Leeds Student Medical Practice, from 1.30-4.30 on Thursday afternoons.

DSAS, Chemistry West building (building 55a on the campus map),Tel: +44 (0)113 343 3927 (Calls from RNID Typetalk are welcome), Email:,

The Student Counselling Centre

If you have any concerns about your emotional, psychological or mental health or have any particular personal problems, the Student Counselling Centre can provide a range of services to help you prepare for your time abroad before you go. There are also useful services to access while you are away, including on-line self-help and synchronous online counselling using confidential chat room technology.

The Student Counselling Centre, 19 Clarendon Place, Tel: +44 (0)113 343 4159, Email:, Web: