Now that I am on placement, what am I supposed to be doing? – 2024 update

Now that I am in placement, what am I supposed to be doing? – 2024 Update


  1. Sending us your contact details! – complete the contact sheet at the front of the Work Profile (form 1), along with the Placement Provider checklist (form 2 and the Student Placement Checklist (form 3), and post to David Forrest as soon as possible after starting your placement. (Email to
  1. On the contact sheet, try to provide an accurate description of the work and area you are involved in.
  1. Show your Work Profile to your industry supervisor, he/she will be making an input to this. You should at least have filled in some initial objectives! After a couple of weeks in placement, enter some information into the skills matrix and get your supervisor to do likewise.
  1. We will let you know who your academic supervisor is; they will then be in contact with you to arrange a visit. We will let you know who your supervisor will be in the November of your placement year.
  1. Complete your 2000 word literature review and submit it in the February of your placement year.
  1. Continue to input information into your Work Profile log throughout your placement.
  1. Preferably, before you finish your placement, you should complete your 6000-word report. This will need to be checked by the company before it can be “released” to check for confidentiality issues.
  1. Before you leave, do make sure that your industry supervisor has completed the skills matrix and final section of your Work Profile, also any input to your C&G log, if you are completing this.
  1. On return to Leeds, you will need to supply us with a copy of your report and Work Profile.