Preparing for Placements

The Work Placement Scheme, sometimes referred to as an industrial/sandwich year, allows students who are registered on degrees offered by the Faculty to defer their final year of study and to work in industry for a year. There is a lot of information on the scheme, assessments, FAQ`s, and a lot more besides, here on our website.

The Faculty Work Placement manager is Dr Al Pickles (

The Faculty Work Placement coordinator is David Forrest (


  1. Register your interest, end of year 1. This allows us to draw up a list of interested students that we can forward further information to. There will be a Q&A session arranged shortly after Easter for which all students will be notified. There is a “Form of Interest” to complete to register your interest.
  2. Produce or update your C.V. We would advise you to use the format given here, alternatively the Careers Centre has helpful information on C.V`s and Cover Letters.
  3. Over the summer research possible placements. Use the Careers Centre (, visit the Careers Centre (they now have a dedicated room for work placement help), use the internet to research companies and job sectors; has lots of useful links.  Particularly recommended is the Prospects site (the UK`s official graduate careers website); have a look at the Job Sectors section (!ebfklk). Be proactive!
  4. IMPORTANT. Your C.V must be provided (electronically) to David Forrest ( or immediately at the start of your second year (the sooner the better, we don’t shut during the summer vacation!). This will confirm your intention to start seeking a placement and allow us to draw up a definitive list of interested students to who we can subsequently forward application information. It will also allow us to obtain a reference on you in good time from your personal tutor.
  5. Change to a 4-year programme. At the start of year 2, and having decided to try for a placement, it is advisable to change your registration to that of a 4-year degree programme. Do this through the Undergraduate Office by requesting a Change of Programme. This is a “safeguard” with respect to your local education authority and their willingness to provide fees or financial support. If you change your mind or do not get a placement it is easy to change back to the 3 year degree again.
  6. Attend a “Placement Awareness” day during registration week.

You will then be ready:

  1. to “go” from the start of year 2
  2. to respond quickly to application information. We will forward information to you electronically, or arrange pick up of hard copy. Check your emails regularly.
  3. to respond quickly to any correspondence from companies.

Note that all placements must be approved by the placement tutor before you commit to doing a placement with a company. The University will not recognise unapproved placements as counting for the four year industrial year. The University must be assured that you will be protected by appropriate Health and Safety procedures while you are on placement; covered by appropriate health care arrangements, properly supported and that there are appropriate opportunities for the objectives of the placement year to be met. Usually, with a large company this is not a problem, but with smaller companies there may be difficulties. The University reserves the right not to recognise a placement unless it has been formally approved by the placement tutor.